Ultrasonic Spray Nozzle

Unlike conventional spray nozzles that rely on pressure and high velocity motion to shear a fluid into small drops, the ultrasonic spray nozzle uses only low ultrasonic vibrational energy for atomization. Typical Applications ·Thin Film Coating: fuel cell, solar cell, touch screen, glass, fluxing, medical, etc. ·Medical:Stent balloon, blood collection tube, guide wire, etc. ·Nanotechnology: Spray Drying ·Chemical Industry: Injecting reagents ·Applying small volume of oil, fragrance or flavour onto a product ·Humidifier 

Product Types

  • Conemist | D Series

    Conemist | D Series

    Features:Spray cone, maximum spray diameter is 100mm. Applications:large area coating, solar panel, touch screen, glass coating, etc.

  • Focusmist | Z Series

    Focusmist | Z Series

    Features:Focused shape, spray diameter is 2mm ~ 20mm Applications:small area coating, fuel cell, stent, wire, etc.

  • Widemist | K Series

    Widemist | K Series

    Features: maximum spray diameter is 60mm. Applications:large area coating, solar panel, touch screen, glass coating, etc.

  • Nanomist | X Series

    Nanomist | X Series

    Features:Spray tiny wire, minimum spray diameter is 1mm, ultra-low flow rate capability 0.001ml/min. Applications:very small area coating, stent balloon, wires, etc.

  • Penetrator | C Series

    Penetrator | C Series

    Features:long and thin horn,possible to put in a narrow space. Applications:inside spray, blood collection tube, spray drying, pyrogenation, etc.

  • Spray Pyrolysis | HZ Series

    Spray Pyrolysis | HZ Series

    HZ series nozzles are specially used for high temperature spray pyrolysis. They can provide high stable performance in various of pyrolysis ovens. Especially suitable for manufacturing of nano particles such as nano carbon tubes, nano silver, etc..

  • Spray Drying | HC Series

    Spray Drying | HC Series

    Compared to conventional 2 fluids nozzles, ultrasonic nozzles generate much more uniform droplets. Siansonic HC series nozzles are specially used for spray drying and suitable for various of conventional spray dryers.

  • Nano Particle Generator

    Nano Particle Generator

    The minimum droplet size can be 500nm. The nano particle generator has the smallest droplet in ultrasonic spray system all over the world. It is mainly used for nano spray drying, spray pyrolysis, reactants injection and thin film coating.