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Ultrasonic Spray Drying | HC Series

HC series nozzles are designed for spray drying to produce fine powders. Compared with conventional pressure spray technology, it has significant advantages such as high precision control of flow rate, uniform droplets, corrosion resistant, etc. Specific flange on the nozzle make it easily fit with various of spray dryer. Extra air cooling is avaliable for high temperature operation (enviroment temperature up to 150°C) by using air inlet and outlet on the nozzle and thermal sensor integrated and thermal meter included to implement the real time monitor of the nozzle's temperature. 


  •  Precise control and wide range of flow rate (from 0.01ml/min to 200ml/min) 

  •  Small droplets (>13um)

  •  Non clogging

  •  Corrosion resistant

  •  Air cooling and real time temperature monitor




  • Nanomaterial: Spray Drying 

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