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Nanomist | X Series

The Nanomist ultrasonic nozzle is an ultrasonic atomizing nozzle with a very small spray coating area and spray coating flow rate. The ultrasonic atomizing nozzle technology adopts a special liquid feeding mode and a gas supply mode to make the ultrasonic atomizing nozzle to have a smaller spraying area and a more precise spraying flow rate.

Due to the very small width of the Nanomist ultraosonic nozzle and the more precise spray flow, it is suitable for a variety of small-area spray coating applications. The typical application of Nanomist ultrasonic atomizing nozzle is the drug stent spray coatings, especially the drug spray coatings of small stents such as coronary stent (cardiac stent) spray coatings and intracranial stent spray coatings. Drugs such as rapamycin,  etc. are dissolved in an organic solvent to form a drug solution first, then the drug solution is atomized by a Nanomist ultrasonic spray nozzle and uniformly spray it to the stent surface to form a uniform and dense drug coating.

The drug coating on the surface of the stent produced by Nanomist ultrasonic spray nozzle is uniform and compact, and has no defects such as adhesion, pinholes and bubbles.


  • Uniform coating: uniformity >95%

  • Saving raw materials: raw material utilization rate is over 85%, 4 times that of traditional air spray nozzle

  • Very low spray flow rate: minimum flow rate up to 0.005ml/min

  • No clogging




  • Electronics: Sensors, PCB Fluxing, etc.

  • Medical: Stents, Balloon Catheters, Guide Wires, etc.

  • Energy: Fuel Cell, Solar Cell, etc.

  • Nanotechnology: Spray Drying, Spray Pyrolysis.

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