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Conemist | D Series

The ConeMist Series Nozzles offer wide spray widths (up to 150mm per nozzle) and wide droplets size options (15um-60um). Compared with conventional pressure spray technology, it has significant advantages in a broad range of applications. Whether large width fabrics, float glass, metal sheet or special shaped industrial or consumer products, the WideMist system maintains highly precise control of the coating at the deposition rate you require. Waste of raw material is significantly reduced, since the ultrasonic atomization can work well without high pressure air. As a result, the pollution due to VOCs is greatly reduced as well. In addition, maintenance is also much lower than conventional spray coating methods because ultrasonic nozzles don't clog.       


  •  High efficiency, reduce material consumption

  •  Precise control and wide range of flow rate (from 0.1ml/min to 200ml/min) 

  •  Wide adjustable spray widths (from 40mm to 150mm)

  •  Non clogging

  •  Corrosion resistant

  •  Idear for MEMS and wafer coatings




  • Electronics: Photoresists onto Wafer etc.

  • Industrial: Glass, Fabrics, etc.  

  • Medical: Medical Textile, Diagnostic Device etc.

  • Energy: Fuel Cell, Solar Cell, etc.

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