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Ultrasonic Atomizer Kit

Ultrasonic atomization is a physical process in which the liquid is crushed into fine droplets by the energy of ultrasonic oscillation. Ultrasonic atomization can be roughly divided into three types in terms of principles: pure piezoelectric vibrator atomization, microporous piezoelectric vibrator atomization, and amplitude transformer transducer atomization, among which the pure piezoelectric vibrator is the most common type of ultrasonic atomization, and the principle is that the liquid atomization is performed through the sound field generated by the direct vibration of piezoelectric ceramic plates in the liquid. Such atomization method is characterized by advantages such as fine atomized particles and long service life of the ultrasonic atomizing transducer, and it is commonly applied in ultrasonic atomizing humidifiers, atomizing aromatherapy diffusers, bonsai atomization and etc. For details on the microporous piezoelectric vibrator atomization and amplitude transformer transducer atomization and other forms of ultrasonic atomization, please see Introduction to Ultrasonic Atomization.

Siansonic's pure piezoelectric vibrator atomization products include ultrasonic atomization transducers (ultrasonic atomizers) and ultrasonic atomization modules (ultrasonic atomizers and driving circuits).There are various solutions of the matching layers to the surface of the ultrasonic atomization transducers, such as nickel, titanium alloy and polymer to cope with different liquid environments. Siansonic’s ultrasonic atomization transducers are typically applied to: humidifiers, aromatherapy diffusers, medical atomizers, disinfection machines, spray pyrolysis, spray drying, and precision spray coating, etc.


  • Flexible for OEM design

  • Tiny fog particle (diameter 1- 4 µm)

  • Work in both water and other liquid inc. corrosive liquid

  • Abundant negative ions produced, about 30000~150000/cm3

  • Wide power range: 12V-48V, 3W-30W


  • Power Input (DC): 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V

  • Frequency: 1.7MHz, 2.0MHz, 2.4MHz, 2.5MHz,3.0MHz

  • Transducer: Regular, High efficiency


  • Air cooling MUST be applied to the heatsink on PCB. Otherwise, the circuit will be burnt shortly.

  • ‘VR’ port on the PCB is used for power control by connecting a 5.1kΩ voltage regulator (variable resistor). When ‘VR’ port is in ‘short-circuit’, the power is full. When ‘VR’ port is off, the power is zero. Therefore, ‘VR’ port is normally used for the power switch as well.

  • Please make sure the transducer has been connected to PCB before switching on the circuit. PCB will be burnt without the transducer connected.

  • The transducers should NEVERworkwithout liquid in contact with them even though in a very short time (a few seconds).Recommend to provide a protective “low liquid” shut-off circuit.

  • Make sure no voltage difference appears between surface of transducer and water. We highly recommend the float switch for liquid level control.PLEASE DON’TUSEELECTRODECONTROL FOR “LOW WATER” PROTECTION! OTHERWISE THE TRANSDUCER COATING CAN BE ELECTROLYZED OUT.

  • Transducers (except the anti-corrosion model) should work in drinking water or similar liquids. If liquids have an acidity of less than pH5, it could makethe output performance decay,even permanently destroy the transducer. Therefore, if the liquid is strong acid (PH<5), you should select anti-corrosion model or contact us for technical suggestions.

  • The surface of transducers should be cleaned at times. It will NOT be considered as the quality problem on transducers, if the atomizing effect of transducers decays due to substances contained in liquid such as Ca, Na, Mg and Si etc. adhering to the transducers surface.


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