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Piezoelectric & Ultrasonic Transducers

With more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture and design of piezoelectric ceramic and ultrasonic transducers, Siansonic (JR Piezo) provides all-round solutions to R&D, design and manufacture for clients, including piezoelectric ceramic plates, HIFU transducer, ultrasonic atomizer transducer piezoelectric and ultrasonic probes, amplitude transformer ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic sensors, etc., and the designed and manufactured products involve a wide variety of fields such as ultrasonic knives, invasive medical devices, molecular diagnosis, physical therapy, beauty, consumer electronics, energy , and industrial manufacturing.

Piezoelectric ceramics mainly include materials such as PZT-4, PZT-8, PZT-5, and various shapes such as wafers, cylinders, circular tubes, focusing plates and square plates. At the same time, Siansonic (JR piezo) provides the design and manufacture of the matching layers and adhesive packages of piezoelectric ceramics, and piezoelectric and ultrasonic probes for different fields.

Ultrasonic transducers mainly include sandwich transducers, amplitude transformer transducers, etc. Meanwhile, Siansonic (JR Piezo) can provide the corresponding shell design and packaging of the transducers according to the needs of different applications, and the choice of transducer materials, so that customers can be provided with the optimized solution to  ultrasonic transducers.





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