Nanomaterial is considered as one of the most important technologies in the 21st century. Ultrasonic atomization technology, especially nozzle technolgy plays a large role on manufacturing of nanomaterials such as nano thin films, nano powders, nano carbon, etc.  

Markets Types

  • Nanomaterials | Spray Drying & Pyrolysis

    Nanomaterials | Spray Drying & Pyrolysis

    Ultrasonic atomization technology, especially nozzle technolgy is being considered as the best solution for nano-spray drying and pyrolysis which are popular methods for nanopowders manufacturing.

  • Nano Thin Film

    Nano Thin Film

    The ultrasonic spray coating technology can provide a solution to create the highly uniform and ultra-thin films. It is widely used on various of thin films and nano coatings manufacturing, such as thin film solar cell, PEM fuel cell, thin film ceramic, glass coating, etc.

  • Dispersion


    The novel technology of ultrasnoic dispersion in liquid delivery is to employ the ultrasonic into syringe filled with suspension liquid, so that the nano particles can be nicely dispersed during the suspension liquid delivery. The ultrasonic dispersing syringe pump is used in many spray coating applications with suspension liquid.