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Ultrasonic Spray Drying

Spray drying is a method of applying systemic technology to the drying of materials. After the thinner is atomized in the drying room, the moisture is rapidly vaporized in contact with the hot air so that a dried product is obtained. By using this method, the solution and the emulsion can be directly dried into a powdery or granular products, thereby eliminating the steps of evaporation and grinding. Through ultrasonic atomization technology, the suspension can be uniformly atomized into micron or even nano-scale liquid particles, and the atomized liquid  is delivered to the drying furnace for drying through the carrier gas. Ultrasonic spray drying can prepare more uniform and finer powder particles than conventional spray drying (centrifugal spray or two-fluid spray). It possesses a great prospect in the application in fields such as nano materials, fine chemicals, biomedicine and etc.

With nearly 30 years of experience in ultrasonic atomization technology, Siansonic can provide customers with a wide variety of solutions to ultrasonic spray drying from R&D to pilot test to mass production. The  ultrasonic spray drying nozzles with Siansonic’s patent for invention (patent number: 201410399920.5) have the advantages of high temperature resistance, self-cooling, uniform atomized particles, etc., which can be conveniently and quickly connected to existing spray drying equipment.






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