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Semiconductors Cleaning

Megasonic cleaning refers to ultra-high frequency ultrasonic cleaning at frequencies from 400kHz to 3000kHz. An ultra-high cleaning accuracy below 200 nanometers is achieved through ultra-high frequency ultrasonic oscillation. Compared with the conventional ultrasonic cleaning at 28kHz, 48kHz, 68kHz, megasonic cleaning is more suitable for the cleaning industry requiring higher cleanliness. It is widely used in semiconductor wafers cleaning, high-definition lenses, display screens and etc.

In terms of the cleaning methods, the megasonic cleaning can be divided into trough cleaning, spray cleaning and quartz-oscillation cleaning, among which the spray cleaning and quartz-oscillation cleaning have the highest cleanliness without residual liquid. The megasonic cleaning technology has been controlled by developed countries such as the United States and Japan. After years of research and development, Siansonic has successfully developed megasonic cleaning technology with a maximum of 3000 kHz.






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