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Siansonic provides unique ultrasonic spray coating technology for semiconductor photoresist coating, with the advantages of high uniformity, excellent wrapping for microstructure  and controllable coating area compared with traditional coating techniques such as spin coating and dip coating. In the past 10 years, it has been proved that the photoresist coating for 3D microstructure surface prepared by ultrasonic spray coating technology is significantly superior than that prepared by conventional spin coating technology in terms of microstructure wrapping  and uniformity. Siansonic’s ultrasonic photoresist coating system can be applied to surface coating of materials including silicon wafers, glass, ceramics, metals, and 3D base materials. The photoresist coating is typically applied in wafers, MEMs, lenses,  microfluidic chips and filters, etc. Ultrasonic spray coating  is a simple, effective and economical solution for photoresist coating. The ultrasonic spray coating system of Siansonic can control the spraying flow, coating speed and loading amount excellently.  Extremely low carrier gas flow rate ensures the accuracy of the spraying area and avoids the problem of over spray to a large extent. Ultrasonic spray coating could achieve more than 4 times the utilization rate of raw materials compare with conventional air spray coating.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of applied ultrasonic technology, Siansonic has provided a variety of solutions for the field of semiconductor photoresist coating, among which the ultrasonic spray coating system, such as benchtop ultrasonic spray coating system UC320, UC330, UC340, ultrasonic spray coating system UC360c, conveyor automatic ultrasonic precision spray coating system PL360, PL600  are applicable to the R&D, pilot test and mass production of photoresist coatings for semiconductor wafer. The system equipped with various ultrasonic nozzles with independent intellectual property rights of our company. 


  • Uniform coatings on both flat and 3D micro-structures.

  • No limitation on substrate size.

  • Low cost on maintenance.

  • High transfer efficiency of raw material.

  • Highly repeatable and controllable deposition process.




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