Fabrication of Ultra-fine Powder by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis 

The spray pyrolysis process can be simply described as follow: the precursor solution, which is usually prepared from each metal salt according to the stoichiometric ratio required for the preparation of composite powder, is atomized into small droplets by the atomizer and transferred into the high-temperature reaction furnace by the carrier gas. In the reaction furnace, a series of physicochemical processes such as solvent evaporation, solute precipitation, solid particle formation, particle drying, particle thermal decomposition, sintering and molding are completed instantly, and finally ultrafine powder is formed. Using ultrasonic atomization technology, the solution can be uniformly atomized into very small droplets in micron or sub-micron scale, and the atomized droplets can be sent into the high-temperature reaction furnace for pyrolysis reaction by the carrier gas. Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis can produce fine particles with more uniform and better morphology than conventional methods.

Siansonic has nearly 40 years of experience in ultrasonic atomization technology, and can provide full solution for ultrasonic spray pyrolysis from R&D to pilot scale. It is especially suitable for the preparation of nano and sub-micron-scale ultrafine powders of multi-element metallic oxides such as advanced ceramic, superconducting materials. Siansonic ultrasonic spray pyrolysis systems includes specific ultrasonic atomizer such as ultrasonic spray pyrolysis nozzle or nano aerosol generator, tube furnace electrostatic nano particles collector, carrier gas control system, precursor solution feeding system etc.