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Disinfection & Sterilization

Siansonic has over 30 years' experience on liquid atomization, especially on ultrasonic fine mist atomization. Siansonic owns various of advanced solutions on disinfection application, particularly for air disinfection, surface disinfection and water treatment. Typically, for example, nano aerosol disinfection. It can atomize disinfectant to the aerosol in tens of nanometers to hundreds of nanometers, and deliver the aerosol to the air or object surface that is waiting for sterilizing. In addition, it also can control the aerosol droplet size to hundreds of nanometers to 1 micron which is usually called 'dry mist'. The nano aerosol disinfection technology significantly enhances the efficiency of sterilization, compared to conventional atomizing disinfection with 3-5 micron droplets. By using ultrasonic nano spray coating technology, Siansonic also offers solutions on object surface sterilization such as food, medical apparatus, etc..   


All atomizing products of Siansonic for disinfection have high corrosive resistance and durability. They are compatible with various of typical disinfectants including different concentrations of oxidizing, chloric and organic disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide, peroxyacetic acid, hypochlorous acid, chlorine dioxide, alcohol, etc.





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