Detecting Micro Bubbles in Infusion Tubes by Non-invasive Ultrasonic Sensors

Siansonic unique non-invasive ultrasonic bubble detectors are widely used in the detection of air bubbles in liquid delivery for medical industry such as infusion pumps, dialysis machines and in vitro diagnostic instruments. Ultrasonic bubble detection is to identify gas and liquid by using the difference of ultrasonic acoustic impedances in liquid and gas. Compared with the optical detection method, ultrasonic bubble detection has no requirements for the color and transparency of the tube and liquid, and the cleanliness of the outer wall of the tube will not affect the detection accuracy of sensors. Siansonic ultrasonic bubble detectors which are suitable for various common infusion tubes and materials are also widely used in filling, printing, spraying, oil transportation and other industrial applications for liquid delivery. We also provide customized and OEM services. The tube outer diameters are available from 2mm to 30mm. The acceptable tube materials include plastic materials such as PP, PVC, silica gel, PTFE, PFA, metal materials such as stainless steel, titanium alloys, and other highly hard materials such as glass and ceramics.

The advantages of Siansonic non-invasive ultrasonic air bubble detectors:

  • Non-invasive detecting: detecting the air bubble in tubing without contacting with the liquid.

  • Ultrasonic sensoring: no requirement on color and transparency of tubing and liquid

  • Unique encapsulating technique provides high stability and durability

  • Ability to match various tubing materials