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Infusion and Dialysis

The unique non-contact ultrasonic bubble detection sensor of Siansonic is widely applied to the infusion bubble detection during medical liquid delivery, such as infusion pumps, dialysis machines and in vitro diagnostic instruments. Ultrasonic bubble detector achieves the identification of gas and liquid by the difference of acoustic impedance of ultrasound in liquid and gas. Compared with the optical detector, the ultrasonic bubble detector does not require the color and transparency of the tube and the liquid, and the cleanliness of the outer wall of the tube will not affect the detection accuracy of the sensor.

Siansonic's ultrasonic bubble detector is also widely applied in the fields of industrial liquid delivery such as filling, printing, spraying, oil transportation, etc. The ultrasonic bubble detector can adapt to various mainstream infusion tubes and materials. Also, the customized ultrasonic bubble detector can be provided. The diameter of tubes can range from 2mm to 30mm and the materials including plastic materials such as PP, PVC, silica gel, PTFE, PFA, metal materials such as stainless steel and titanium alloy, and high hardness materials such as glass and ceramic can be provided.





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