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Drug Coated Balloon Catheters

It is widely recognized that using drug-eluting balloon catheters instead of drug-eluting stents is one of the potential treatments. As a leader in the industry, Siansonic possesses more than 10 years of experience in the preparation of thin film coatings for medical implantable devices by using ultrasonic spray coating technology, especially for balloon catheter coatings. Compared to conventional dip coating and two-fluid spray coatings, ultrasonic spray coating technology applied in balloon catheter coatings can produce a more uniform thin film coating. At the same time, the ultrasonic spray coating technology has the edges of strong controllability, the ability of manufacturing more stable preparation of thin film on balloon catheter and re-spray ability.

Siansonic can provide the key solution of precision coating for balloon catheter coating. Our UC510 drug balloon catheter spray coating system can spray balloons up to 300mm, which is equipped with special fixture inside that can hold up to 2 meters of catheter for spray coatings. Our Focusmist ultrasonic spray nozzles achieve precise spray on specific areas of the balloon catheter. The special fixture inside the device can also be removed or replaced by other medical instruments. Our UC520 ultrasonic peripheral stent spray coating system is mainly used in precision drug spray coating on peripheral stents.


  • Highly homogenous drug coatings onto balloon catheters

  • More reliable, repeatable, controllable balloon catheter coatings than other techniques such as dip coating, air spray coating 

  • Capable of working on completed balloon catheter up to 2 meters in length

  • Ability to selectively spray specific areas on balloon catheter rather than processing the entire balloon surfaces

  • Catheter protected from damage by using soft material on catheter holders 




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