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Textile & Non-woven

The ultrasonic spray coating solutions provided by Siansonic can be used to prepare various functional coatings on the surfaces of non-woven fabrics textile, such as superhydrophobic textile coatings, antibacterial coatings, water and oil repellent coatings, flame retardant coatings and etc. 

Siansonic's ultrasonic atomization technology can atomize the suspension or solution into uniform fine droplets which can be coated on the surface of non-woven fabrics and textiles. The coating thickness can be controlled between tens of nanometers and hundreds of micrometers. Compared with the conventional air spray coating, ultrasonic spray coating has the advantage of high-precision control of film thickness, high uniformity, less spatter, and more than 4 times the utilization rate of raw materials. Compared with traditional coating technologies such as roller coating, silk-screen printing, and casting, ultrasonic spray coating has an absolute advantage in the precision control of coating and uniformity.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of applied ultrasonic technology and more than 10 years of experience in the application of ultrasonic spray coating, Siansonic  can provide corresponding ultrasonic spray coating solutions for non-woven fabrics and textiles of various forms and specifications, among which the ultrasonic spray coating equipment such as benchtop ultrasonic spray coating system UC320, UC330, UC340, ultrasonic spray coating system UC360c, conveyor automatic ultrasonic spray coating system PL360, PL600 are applicable to the R&D, pilot test and mass production of small and medium-sized coatings for  non-woven fabrics and textiles. The system could be combined with various ultrasonic nozzles with independent intellectual property rights of our company.  For wide non-woven fabrics coatings and textiles coatings, Siansonic provides widemist ultrasonic nozzle array combination for roll-to-roll coatings, which can be adapted to almost any width of the spraying range theoretically. For example, a 30-group widemist  ultrasonic spray nozzle array can achieve a maximum of  3-4 meters of wide spraying. The array of ultrasonic nozzles composed of multiple sets of widemist ultrasonic atomizing nozzles can be applied to the surface coatings for various industrial large-width base materials such as non-woven fabrics, textiles, glass, metals and plastic sheets.

In addition, Siansonic also provides complete ultrasonic spray unit including ultrasonic nozzle, ultrasonic controller, liquid supply pump and carrier gas control for the roll-to-roll coating machine enterprise or existing coating production line, which can be directly and conveniently embedded into existing equipment production lines or secondarily developed.

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