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Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

Ultrasonic spray technology can prepare the high evenness, high compact carbon-based fuel cell catalyst coating. For example, platinum carbon, palladium carbon, ruthenium carbon and other full cell catalyst coating could be deposited compactly, evenly on Nafion proton exchange membrane, and no swelling phenomenon. Therefore, ultrasonic spray technology is widely recognized as the key process of producing fuel cell proton exchange membrane electrode. Ultrasonic spray coating system applied in fuel cell coatings produced by Siansonic Technology can spray all kinds of different metal alloy, including the preparation of platinum nickel, Iridium and ruthenium-based fuel cell catalyst coating, as well as the manufacturing of PEMs, GDLs, DMFCs (direct methyl alcohol fuel cell) and SOFCs (solid oxide fuel cell). The Fuel cells manufactured by this technology has the characteristics of high cell load and high cell efficiency.

Siansonic Technology provides a variety of ultrasonic coating systems and solutions for fuel cell catalyst coating production industry by its over 30 years of industry experience in ultrasonic coating field. Our benchtop ultrasonic spray coating system UC320, UC330, UC340, ultrasonic spray coating system UC360c, conveying automatic ultrasonic spray coating system PL360, PL600 and a series of ultrasonic spray coating systems,  matched with a variety of ultrasonic spray nozzles which have our company's own intellectual property can be applied to the research, pre-production test and mass production of proton exchange membrane fuel cell coating production. Single ultrasonic spray system can finish the maximum output of 15,000 square meters/year, annual output of 30,000 pieces of CCM (around 250cm²/piece). Unique vacuum adsorption heating system could ensure the proton exchange membrane to be fixed and extended, avoid the swelling phenomenon in the spray coating process. Ultrasonic dispersion liquid supply system can constant-stably disperse and supply the liquid for 24h, prevent the catalyst dispersion liquid to be concentrated and deposited. 

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