Type C

Ultrasonic atomizer transducer is a piezoelectric wafer widely used for ultrasonic humidifier, medical nebulizer and many other atomizers. Type C atomizer transducer is the transducer wafer with wires, rubber ring and housing which is widely used for humidifiers and nebulizers.

Siansonic uses the patented electrode coating technology for the atomizer transducers to obtain a very long lifetime and highly stable performance. The transducers with nickel coating or titanium alloys coating can continuously operate with good performance for more than 10000 hours at normal condition.  

  • Long lifetime: > 10000 hours

  • Tiny fog particle (diameter 1 - 6 µm)

  • High stable electrode coatings: nickel, titanium alloys and anti-corrosive coating

  • Including metal housing for installation

  • Wafer Diameter: 20mm

  • Frequency: 1.7MHz, 2.4MHz, 2.5MHz

  • Electrode Coating: Nickel, Titanium Alloys, Anti-corrosive

  • Cable Connector

  • The transducers (except the anti-corrosion model: coating E) should work in drinking water or similar liquids. If liquids have an acidity of less than pH5, it could makethe output performance decay,even permanently destroy the transducer. Therefore, the transducers cannotwork in the liquid that is excessively acidic (pH<5).<>

  • Provide a protective “low water” shut-off circuit. The transducers should NEVERworkwithout liquid in contact with them even though in a very short time (a few seconds).

  • Design a circuit to assure no voltage difference appears between surface of transducer and water. We highly recommend the float switch for liquid level control. PLEASE DON’TUSEELECTRODECONTROL FOR “NO WATER” PROTECTION! OTHERWISE THE TRANSDUCER COATING CAN BE ELECTROLYSED OUT.

  • The surface of transducers should be cleaned at times. It will NOT be considered as the quality problem on transducers, if the atomizing effect of transducers decays due to substances contained in liquid such as Ca, Na, Mg and Si etc. adhering to the transducers surface.