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The ultrasonic precision spray coating system of Siansonic is widely used in the preparation of nano and sub-micron functional thin film coatings of medical sensor devices. For example, the preparation of thin film coatings inside the medical biosensors such as the polymers, dyes, active substances, etc., and the preparation of various sensors coatings such as gas detection, chemical substance sensing, impedance detection, temperature sensing, and etc.

We are committed to provide total solutions for companies and research institutes preparing the thin film coatings of the biomedical sensors at R&D, pilot test or mass production stage. Ultrasonic spray coating has significant performance improvements and cost advantages compared with other surface coating technologies such as CVD, two-fluid spraying, dip coating, spin coating, and etc.


  • Various of customized substrate fixtures options

  • Choice of droplet size: from 13um to 40um  

  • Choice of spray width: from 0.5mm to 100mm

  • Coating thickness: from nano scale to tens of microns

  • Adjustable of surface roughness: matte or glossy finish




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