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Blood Collection Tube & Syringe

Siansonic possesses the domestic leading and world-class ultrasonic spray coating technology, among which the penetrator ultrasonic nozzle is especially suitable for the coating of the inner wall of the tube and has obvious advantages in the typical anticoagulant coating, syringe lubricant coating of vacuum blood collection tube. Siansonic provides complete ultrasonic atomization solution for vacuum blood collection tube spray coating, including ultrasonic nozzle, ultrasonic control module and metering liquid supply. The special compact design can be quickly installed in the existing production line of blood collection tube. The spray coating system with typical 10 groups of nozzles can achieve the maximum 12,000/hour of the blood collection tube production.

The advantages of Siansonic's spray coating technology for inner walls of vacuum blood collection tube and syringe  include:

  • Unique ultrasonic atomization technology, allows uniform atomization of  liquid particles;

  • Ultrasonic oscillation could uniformly disperses solid particles in the suspension;

  • Highly uniform inner wall coating;

  • Self-cleaning nozzles could greatly reduce maintenance costs

  • Optional spray coating area of tube inner wall 





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